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Thank you for visiting Phoenix Chicken Coops. It’s our goal to provide a local source for great looking and affordable chicken coops.  We specialize in coops that are “starters” by nature, for those who need something quick and maybe who would like to save a little money by doing somethings themselves like painting or roofing.  We also of course offer these upgrades for those who want a “turnkey” coop, but as experienced builders starting a new business we mostly display the most affordable options to get you started.

If you are looking for something more custom we would of course appreciate the opportunity to earn your business in building a coop that fits all of your needs and situation.  Take a look at our custom chicken coop page to view what we have done most recently. For the price, I don’t think you’ll find a more affordable option to getting started in the Phoenix valley.

When looking for a chicken coop in Phoenix here are some considerations before picking a coop:
* How many chickens will be living in this coop?
* Will they be living in the coop all the time?
* Will there be a rooster?
* Will I need to have something that will protect my chickens from dogs or big predators?
* Will my coop need to be mobile or stationary?

Above you can look through some of our chicken coop designs or watch a walk through video below.  We hope that you see something you like after looking around the website.  We invite you to give us a phone call or text message at 623-806-5689 .  If you click this button you can fill out the “Contact Us” form

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Own a custom chicken coop in Phoenix Arizona

The basic model coop seen in this video is one of our most popular coops for many reason:

1. The best value for a chicken coop that I’ve seen

2. Great construction with an all framed structure and lots of screws

3. Gives the buyer lots of options to add to their coop when they are ready but still giving them a great functional coop

4. More then just functional, I find this to be the most practical coop design for many reasons:

A.) Open style for great ventilation

B.)Perfect size to move or relocate in the future

C.)Heavy duty to protect from all kinds of predators.

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